Stop and smell the roses while you PINTEREST

I am always lagging behind in the latest trend or fashion thing to do. I hardly ever get on facebook or do email. I finally checked out  PINTEREST pinterest and am hooked. Up until then, I was doing things the old fashion way, cutting out pictures and creating my own little notebooks of things that I like. I would get the oddest looks from co-workers at breaktime, with my glue stick, cut out pictures from magazines and notebook, but I found it soothing and my way to relax.

Since quitting work to stay home and take care of my hubby, I found that I didn’t need the stress release from work to do that hobby and felt guilt about using up all that paper and then having it clutter up the already “hoarder” cluttered home; only now needing to need to throw it away to get my home in order and “Voila”  PINTEREST pinterest to the rescue. I now have 28 boards, 13.8 k pins, 98 followers and am following 433 boards to date!

But tonight I realized though I was collecting all these pins, I wasn’t really taking the time to stop and smell the roses. 🙂 A few times I would  “ooh and aw” the cute pictures and review a quilt or cross stitch pattern, but mostly I really just pinned away, with the intent to review later.

So tonight instead of straight pinning, I did stop to smell the roses and visited some of the websites that these pins came from and have even pinned a sweet potted rose picture from
A reminder to take the time to do what I love best

I love cats and dogs:

Sandi; doing what cats do best!
My “Baby”. Always wanting to be in my lap or right next to me where ever I sit.
Isn’t it beautiful?

I have downloaded a few of the quilt patterns (a try to be quilter can never have enough patterns!) and subscribed to a few new blogs to keep up with, and this led be back to my newly started blog.

I have a lot to learn about this world of blogging, but love the freedom of expressing my thoughts, even if no one ever reads them, a part of me is opening up.  And I like that!

Have a beautiful and Pinteresting day!




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